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Eric Henry Liddell (1902 - 1945)

(Above): 'Chariots Of Fire' poster
Eric Henry Liddell (1902 - 1945) 
Olympic Gold Medal winner (Paris, 1924)
A civilian casualty of WW2
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Additional information

At the 1924 Paris Olympics the Chinese-born Scotsman Eric Liddell won the Men's Olympic 400 metres event. The story of Eric Liddell's victory, along with that of his team mate Harold Abrahams (100 metres winner), was adapted for silver screen in the film "Chariots Of Fire".

Subsequently, in 1936 Harold Maurice Abrahams (1899 - 1978) went to the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a journalist for the BBC. He died in London in 1978.

Eric Henry Liddell died in China while a prisoner of the Japanese during WW2. By heritage Eric Liddell was Scottish, British and a Christian missioner for the Kirk. He is perhaps best known for refusing to compete in sports events on a Sunday - the Lord's Day.

As a civilian casualty of WW2, Eric Liddell is commemorated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. This is listed below.

CWGC citation

Rank: Civilian
Date of Death: 21/02/1945
Age: 43
Regiment/Service: Civilian War Dead
Reporting Authority: CHINA
Additional Information: Husband of F. Liddell, of 21 Gloucester Street, Toronto, Canada.
Died at Weihsien.

Eric Henry Liddell (1902 - 1945):
An exceptional soul who ran a good race to the end.

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