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Gibraltar's WW2 Fortifications

1. A.R.P. Shelter, Prince Edward's Road, Gibraltar
2. A.R.P. Shelter, Line Wall Road, Gibraltar
3. WW2 Pill Box, North Pavilion Road, Gibraltar
4. Illuminated panel about WW2, Harding's Battery
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Additional information

During 1938 / 1939 with a possible war with Germany seeming increasingly likely, the Western Allies Britain and France began to take precautionary measures against possible attacks. Gibraltar, a British Crown Colony at the western gateway to the Mediterranean Sea, also began to prepare its defences. Years later, many of these WW2 fortifications can still be seen along Gibraltar's streets.

For example, there is an Air Raid Patrol Shelter on Prince Edward's Road [Photograph No 1]. Another A.R.P. shelter, built into Line Wall Road near the Government buildings, can also be seen [Photograph No 2]. A number of pill boxes still survive, such as the one on North Pavilion Road at the top of Scud Hill [Photograph No 3].

At Harding's Battery at Europa Point, the southern tip of Gibraltar overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar, is a restored battery gun and a small display about the long history of Gibraltar's defensive fortifications. This includes an illuminated panel giving a short summary of Gibraltar's WW2 fortifications [Photograph No 4].

It was during the Second World War that the Gibraltar Defence Force was founded, which later developed into the Royal Gibraltar Regiment. Its motto is 'Nulli Expugnabilis Hosti' ('Conquered by no Enemy').

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