Friday, January 20, 2006

None shall pass.

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At long last I have waded through the maze more by good luck than management.

This is at Genifa early 1948 guarding a German POW camp not to keep them in but marauding Arabs out.



Blogger Peter G said...

Well done, Frank. A photo and text!

I've edited it to add 'Click to enlarge' when you run your mouse pointer over it. That is a big advance on the WW2 site where, perforce, they had to keep things very simple to cater for all users.

On the blog you can send very large full screen photos. When you upload an image, it is resampled and resized according to the size you choose in the upload form. This lets it take up less space on the Google server. You can fill up to 300 MB of server space with images. However, when you click on an image you see it full size, full screen or even larger if the original is big enough.

Saturday, 21 January, 2006  

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