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The R.A.F. Command Memorial, Normandy

R.A.F. Command Memorial, Normandy 

The RAF Command memorial seen in the photograph above is located in the British Peace Garden in the grounds of the Memorial Museum, Caen, Calvados, France.


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Additional information

The R.A.F. Command memorial in the British Peace Garden in the grounds of the Caen Memorial, Calvados, France commemorates the role of all the airmen serving under R.A.F. Command who contributed to the success of the Normandy Landings in the summer of 1944.

The wording on the memorial plaque reads as follows:

Here are honoured the airmen of the Royal Air Force, the Commonwealth and other Allied Air Forces serving under R.A.F. Command, who contributed to the success of the Normandy invasion of 1944. Many of them gave their lives.

A hundred bomber and fighter squadrons of the Second Tactical Air Force, together with many squadrons from Bomber Command, helped with the battle for air supremacy, prepared the way for the assault, and flew in direct support of the land forces. Transport aircraft delivered the airborne forces and assisted the Free French aerial reconnaissance provided essential information, deception operations misled the enemy, maritime aircraft helped the Royal Navy hold the ring and the home bases were defended. On the ground, making these operations possible, were countless airmen, airwomen and civilians, all adding their contributions to the Allied Victory.



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