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The 'Fallen' of St Bridget (Beckermet), Cumbria

1. Parish Church of St Bridget (Beckermet), Cumbria

2. St Bridget (Beckermet) War Memorial

3. The WW2 'Fallen' on the memorial
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Remembering the 'Fallen' of St Bridget (Beckermet), Cumbria

Until 2011 Beckermet in the county of Cumbria (previously Cumberland) was two separate parishes: St Bridget (Beckermet) and St John (Beckermet). It is situated near the West Cumbrian coast, with the market town of Egremont to the north and the Cumbrian village of Gosforth to the south.

Each of the 'traditional' halves of Beckermet parish has its own war memorial. The above photographs show the Parish Church and War Memorial of St Bridget (Beckermet).

The Parish War Memorial for St Bridget's, Beckermet, Cumbria (previously Cumberland) is located in the grounds of the parish church. This is located in the village of Calderbridge (Photograph No 1 above). This particular church was built in 1842.

To read an article about the St John (Beckermet) War Memorial click on the following link:
St John (Beckermet) War Memorial

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The dedications

(a) First World War dedication

The original inscription, commmorating those from the parish who died in the First World War, is on the front of the War Memorial (Photograph No 2 above). It reads as follows:

In Sacred Memory of the Men of St Bridget's Parish who gave their lives for their country in the Great European War 1914 - 1919.

G. Brown
A.J. Steele
W. Dodgson
W.H. Taylor
S. Moffat
J.W. Sibson
W.L. Mandle
T. Jackson
T. Tyson
M. Gunson
T. Hodgson
R. Harrington

Their name liveth evermore.
Ecclus. XLIV.14

(b) Second World War dedication

After the Second World War the names of those from the parish who had lost their lives were inscribed on one side of the war memorial (Photograph No 3 above). The inscription reads as follows:

In Memory of those who lost their lives in the Second World War + 1939 - 1945 +

D. McEvoy
S. Spedding
K. Smith
J. Satterthwaite
W. Satterthwaite
I. Tyson
R. Tyson

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WW2 CWGC citations

The 7 WW2 casualties commemorated on the St Bridget (Beckermet) War Memorial have also been listed on the St John (Beckermet) memorial. To read the Commonwealth War Graves Commission citations for all 20 of the WW2 casualties from the twin parishes of Beckermet click on the link to the article on the St John (Beckermet) War memorial (given above).

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