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Farlam Parish War Memorial, Cumbria

1. Farlam Parish Church (St. Thomas à Becket)

2. Farlam Parish War Memorial (front)
3. Farlam Parish War Memorial (right-hand side)
4. Farlam Parish War Memorial (WW2 & Korean War)
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Additional information

Farlam Parish and the War Memorial

Farlam is a civil parish and an ecclesiastical parish of the Church of England in the county of Cumbria (previously Cumberland). It is situated in the north-east of the county, a short distance from the market town of Brampton. Within the parish are a number of villages and hamlets, including Farlam village, Kirkhouse, Milton and Hallbankgate.

The present parish church can be found at Kirkhouse and is dedicated to St Thomas à Becket [Photograph No. 1]. This present church was extensively rebuilt in 1860 / 61. The War Memorial, sculpted by Beattie & Co. of Carlisle, is located near the main church doors.

It was first dedicated to commemorate the parishioners of Farlam who died in the First World War (1914 - 1918). Their names appear on the front and right-hand side of the memorial [Photograph No. 2 & Photograph No. 3]. The names of the parishioners who died in the Second World War and the Korean War were subsequently added to the memorial, on the left-hand side plinth [Photograph No. 4].

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Farlam's WW1 casualties

The upper part of Farlam's war memorial takes the form of a Latin cross adorned with a laurel wreath. At the foot of this cross (and above the plinth) is the following dedication:

"In honour of the men of this parish who gave their lives for their country in the
1914 - 1918."

There are 20 names of WW1 casualties on Farlam's War Memorial (17 on the front of the plinth and 3 on the right-hand side):

William Andrew Barnes

Oliver Bell

James Brough

Andrew Charters

Marshall Elliott

Thomas Elliott

George Errington

William Errington

Joseph Fairlam

James Forrest

Isaac Graham

Joseph Graham

Samuel Russell Irving

Harold Little

John Park

Robert Telford

George Telford

William Graham

William Bell Teasdale

William Waugh

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Farlam's WW2 and Korean War casualties

The names of Farlam's 6 WW2 casualties and 1 Korean War casualty are listed on the left-hand side face of the memorial [Photograph No. 4]. Below is a transcription:

"And in the WAR
1939 - 1945."

William Stobbart

Francis Andrew Ruddick

Hugh Henry Stalker

John James Johnstone

Benjamin Thompson


Duncan Little

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This article is dedicated to the parishioners of Farlam, Cumbria who gave their lives in WW1, WW2 and the Korean War:

"They will always be remembered in the heart of the community they left and loved".

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