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Beverley Memorial Gardens and War Memorial

1. Beverley War Memorial, Memorial Gardens
2. HMS Beverley memorial, Memorial Gardens
3. HMS Beverley memorial, Memorial Gardens
4. Poppy wreath laid at the HMS Beverley memorial
 [Photographs courtesy of Mrs Colette Hodgkinson]
The photographs above were taken in the Memorial Gardens, Beverley, East Yorkshire on Remembrance Sunday, 10 November 2013. 

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Additional information

The Memorial Gardens of Beverley, East Yorkshire (U.K.) were donated to the town in 1924 by an endowment Major Clive H.A. Wilson, D.S.O. (1876 - 1921). They are located on Beverley's Hengate, in the shadow of St Mary's Church.

Major Wilson, a long-time major benefactor of the town, is commemorated by a memorial tablet in the grounds. Additionally, the following memorials are also found:

(a) Beverley's war memorial, including the list of names of the 'Fallen' from WW1 and WW2 [Photograph No. 1].

Inscribed on it is this tribute:
"They went with songs to the battle, they were young, straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end. Against all odds uncounted, they fell with their faces to the foe."

(b) RAF memorial (640 Squadron, based at the nearby RAF Leconfield during WW2.

It includes the following tribute:
"In memory of those who did not go home. R.A.F";

(c) HMS Beverley memorial [Photographs No 2 and 3];

It includes the following tribute:
"In memory of the 151 officers and men who lost their lives when HMS BEVERLEY was sunk whilst escorting convoy ON 176,
52 degrees 19 minutes N, 40 degrees 28 minutes W.
We will remember them."

(d) Post-WW2 memorial (commemorating the townsfolk of Beverley who have died in wars and conflicts since 1945).

On Remembrance Sunday 2013, Mr Tony Hodgkinson laid a poppy wreath at the HMS Beverley memorial in remembrance of the men lost on Beverley and in particular Stoker Bruno Darby (an uncle of Tony's wife) [Photograph No. 4].

Thanks to Tony and Colette Hodgkinson

Click on the following link to read about the Remembrance Sunday service at Beverley Minster, 10 November 2013:
The "Trench" of poppies, Beverley Minster

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