Monday, January 23, 2006

Very short threads giving the needle :)


This is a copy and past job lifted from my comments in another thread. I'm repeating what I said there because I suspect it might lay buried and never be seen:

I've tried to expand one or two threads but my comments are only getting a rare reply. How is it that every email between us invariably gets a response, yet here there is nothing?

None of us had any difficulty whatsoever posting and commenting on the BBC WW2 site - the blog is different, yes, but not in the least more difficult. Posting photos, here is far easier and less restrictive - so what's the problem?

To assist in you going back to comment (purely as a temporary measure) I'm going to lift the 4 post restriction and have all posts on view (actually I've simply increased it to 100, the limit is a massive 999). I'll tidy up before we go public.


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