Friday, April 21, 2006

More on German propaganda

With reference to the Propaganda Leaflet to be seen on Page 59 of my Album, I now show the 'other side'of the leaflet, that is the text that was designed to encourage us to allow ourselves to be taken prisoner.


Blogger ritsonvaljos said...

Hello Ron and others,

It was odd that the German propoganda machine would still think anybody would take anything seriously during the war. During my university studies we looked at examples of 'propoganda' in Occupied France, and of course examples of the 'alternative' view of the Resistance.

For the documents we looked at sometimes the documents were deliberately misleading as to had printed a leaflet. For example, some leaflets giving instructions what to do in Paris in the early days of Occupation (1940) were issued in the the name of the 'Chief of Staff Army Group'. Of course, it was not stated WHICH Army Group. At that time, in the summer of 1940 some people might have been confused into thinking it was a French Army Group leaflet.

I have copies in my files of various propoganda leaflets. Unlike yours, mine are not originals! Once again. it was very interesting reading about real history from someone who was there!

Saturday, 22 April, 2006  
Blogger Ron Goldstein said...

Hi Joe

You, and anyone else interested in propaganda leaflets, might be interested to see this site:

It has to be one of the most comprehensive sources for this fascinating by-product of wartime mis-information.


Sunday, 23 April, 2006  
Blogger Peter G said...

Excellent site! Another fine addition to our growing list of WW2 links, Ron.

Sunday, 23 April, 2006  
Blogger Ron Goldstein said...

Since Peter supplied the link to my "Ron's ACTUAL Album' (see the link over to your right) I have added text to the Propaganda leaflets. Some of them are devious, to say the least, two good examples being on Pages 59 and 60.

Tuesday, 25 April, 2006  

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