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26 Field Hygiene Section (R.A.M.C)

The above photograph of 26 Field Hygiene Section , Royal Army Medical Corps was taken by the Commanding Officer, Major E.R. ('Peter') Hargreaves. It was taken with the use of a timer.

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Additional information

The above photograph of 26 F.H.S. was taken in southern England by the Commanding Officer, Major E.R. ('Peter') Hargreaves, R.A.M.C. shortly before the Normandy Landings in 1944. Dr. Hargreaves is the officer seated in the middle of the photograph. Kneeling second right is Pte. Ronald Ritson, R.A.M.C., an uncle of the writer of this article.

Including Dr. Hargreaves, 26 people can be seen in photograph. The full strength section, including the officer, was about 30. The section was attached to the 3rd British Infantry Division during the Normandy Landings and the rest of the campaign that followed in N.W. Europe.

Towards the end of 1944 Dr. Hargreaves left the section when he was given a staff job in Paris. His replacement as C.O. was Major B. Mann from Glasgow. Major Mann and the men of 26 F.H.S. signed a magazine and sent this to Dr Hargreaves in Paris. In addition to Major Mann the others to sign the magazine in December 1944 were:

J. Buggle C.A. Miles, C.D. Cox, A. Fraser, H. Evans, W. B. Yeudall, G. Mould, E. Alderman, C.J. Dingle, J. Bradley, P. Nicoll, E.J. Popple, J. Strachan, G.B. Pidd, R. Rowe, L.J. Nice, R. Ritson, L.G. Ebsworth, J. Whitaker, W.E. Andrews, P.A. MacMahon, M. Colston, C.A. Webster, G. Pape, L.E. Nicholson, W. Griffiths, J. Harrison.

The above photograph was previously posted to the following BBC "People's War" article:
The March to Nijmegen

A copy of the photograph was also donated by the writer of this article to the Archives of the Memorial Muesum, Caen, France. The Museum used the photograph as part of an exhibition about the Normandy Landings, 'Paroles du Jour J' ("D-Day Words") in 2004 coinciding with the 60th anniversary of 1944. The photograph was also used in the accompanying book to go with this exhibition, published by the Memorial Museum.

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