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Remembering the French railway resistants

Photographs (Top to bottom): 

1. 'Battle of the Railways' poster (1945) 
Memorial Museum, Caen, France  

2. French railway workers war memorial
Gare du Nord, Paris.

3. French railway workers war memorial
Caen railway station, France 

4. 50th anniversary memorial
French railway workers 
Caen railway station, France


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Additional information

Rene Clement's masterpiece of the silver screen, "La Bataille du Rail" ("The Battle of the Railways") tells the story of resistance of the French railway workers during the Second World War. Released shortly after the end of the war in 1945 the film mainly deals with the sabotaging of the railway tracks regularly used by the German Occupiers.

There were many French railway resistants who were arrested by the German Occupiers and executed. It was not only members of the Armed Forces who made the ultimate sacrifice during WW2. There are memorials at or near many railway stations throughout France which remember the railway resistants who gave their lives during the war.

Information about the photographs seen above:

Photograph No 1 shows an original poster advertising "La Bataille du Rail". It is on display in the Memorial Museum, Caen, France.

Photograph No 2 shows the war memorial at the Gare du Nord, Paris. This memorial remembers the railway workers of the 'Nord' (Northern) region of both World Wars.

Photograph No 3 shows the memorial for the railway workers and resistants from the Caen (Calvados) district who died during WW2.

Photograph No 4 shows the 50th anniversary memorial at Caen railway station. This memorial plaque was unveiled in 1994 (50th anniversary of the Normandy Landings).


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