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The King’s Chapel memorials, Gibraltar

Photographs (Top to bottom):

1. The Convent, Gibraltar
[Residence of the Governor of Gibraltar]

2. The King’s Chapel, Gibraltar
The Garrison Church (adjacent to The Convent)
[Some of the colours and lanterns]

3. RAF ‘Rolls of Honour’, Gibraltar

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Additional information

The King’s Chapel, Gibraltar

The King’s Chapel, Main Street, Gibraltar is the Garrison Church of the Armed Forces based on the Rock. It is adjacent to ‘The Convent’ the British Governor’s official residence (Photograph No. 1 above). Between the King's Chapel and the Convent is a display board which gives a brief explanation of its history.

"The Convent, residence of the Governor of Gibraltar since 1711, was founded as a Franciscan Convent circa 1480, shortly before the discovery of America, and transfrred to the present site 1528. It was sacked by Barbarossa's pirates in 1540.

The original Convent chapel was converted to Protestant use in 1711 was used as a store during the Great Siege (1779 - 1783). The existing red brick facade and marble portico date from 1863. Protests from extreme Protestant organisations in 1903 resulted in the name being changed to 'Government House'. But King George VI on a wartime visit in 1943 authorised the resumption of the old title".

The King's Chapel colours

The altar ornaments, the font, the colours and the lanterns in the King's Chapel perpetuate the memory of those who captured, defended and held the fortress of Gibraltar. Hence, it covers the period from the capture and siege of Gibraltar (1704 / 1705) through to the Second World War and the post-war era.

Some of the colours, memorials and lanterns inside the King's Chapel can be seen above (Photograph No. 2). The Union flag is in the centre and is flanked by the RAF and Naval ensigns.

The RAF 'Rolls of Honour' for Gibraltar

During the Second World War the RAF played an important part in both defensive and offensive actions. Many of those who served with the Royal Air Force in Gibraltar gave their lives during the course of the war. The names of the RAF personnel who died are commemorated inside the King's Chapel (Photograph No. 3 above).

The largest list of names is the 'Roll of Honour' for those who were based at the New Camp. Additionally, there are two further memorials. One is for the crew of Hudson aircraft FH453 (233 Squadron) and the second is for the crew of a 179 Squadron Wellington lost on Anti-Submarine patrol.

"All these gallant airmen gave their lives for the Empire while flying in operations against the enemy".


An everlasting tribute

"Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;
but those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint."

[Isaiah 40: 30-31]


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The WW2 'Rolls of Honour' for the RAF in the King's Chapel read as follows:

(a) The New Camp, Gibraltar ‘Roll of Honour’

"All these Gallant Airmen gave their lives for the Empire while flying in operations against the enemy".


F/L S.C. Romer
T/L P.B. Alexander
F/O R.C. Derrick
Sgt. G.T. Darville
Sgt. W. Gooderidge
Sgt. J. Johnstone
Sgt. G.G. Taylor
Sgt. J.T. Turnbull, D.F.M.
Sgt. T.I. Roberts
Sgt. F.A. West-Kelsey
Sgt. E.F. Chaplin
P/O C.A. Rimmington
Sgt. J.A. Corcoran
Sgt. G. Form
Sgt. J. Hay
Sgt. C.J. Lee
Sgt. A. Morgan
Sgt. G. Orr
Sgt. E.D. Scott
Sgt. H. Wallis
P/O N. Adams
P/O J.G. Pope
F/Sgt. J.W. Pilling
Sgt. R.S. Rice
Sgt. E.W. Long
Sgt. T. Kirkham
Sgt. W. Low
Sgt. J.M. Sloan
Sgt. R. Ainsworth
Sgt. A.A. Smith
F/L T.A. Sasoon
P/O. R.D. Ambrose
P/O E.W. Wall
Sgt. C.L. Cockburn
Sgt. K.J. Thorne
Sgt. T. Elder
Sgt. R.A. Mitchell
Sgt. H. Warner
Sgt. T. Bailey
Sgt. J.L. O'Rorke
Sgt. L.W. Drywood
Sgt. A.E. Fletcher
Sgt. R. Laverty
Sgt. J. Sanderson
F/O W.B. O'Connor
P/O D.A. MacArther
F/O A.L. Campbell
F/O H.K. Pollock
Sgt. R.A. Tiffin
P/O E.J. Sleigh
F/O H. Bardsley
F/Sgt. F. Green
Sgt. L.R. Keough
Sgt. J.B. Richie
Sgt. R. Leese
Sgt. E.T. Jones
Sgt. T. Millar
F/O G.L. Maxton
Sgt. K.A.S. Keston
F/O C.R. Hall
Sgt. H.W. Parsons
Cpl. G. Love
Sgt. E. Mudd
Sgt. B.R.C. Conway
Sgt. H.V. Watson
Sgt. C. Hotchkiss


F/O E.R. Free
P/O G.E.F. Johnstone
Sgt. K.B. Cooper
Sgt. G. Noble
Sgt. A.R. Webster
Sgt. M.L.V. Watson
P/O G.W. Tibbettson, D.F.M.
Sgt. H.S. Brown
Sgt. G. Sinclair
P/O M.J. French
Sgt. E. McKim
P/O G. McNaughton
F/Sgt. R.J.G. Campbell
Sgt. E.H. Marsh
Sgt. C. Field
Sgt. E.J. Smith
Sgt. G.J. Orton
Sgt. I.J. McLean
Sgt. G.T.W. Gibson
F/O R.L. Hunter
Sgt. L.E. Yarnall

F/L D. Boyle
F/O H.R. Keen
F/O R.W. Clark-Hall
F/Sgt. E.G. McNeal
Sgt. S.L. Squire
F/Sgt. C.E. Lang
F/Sgt. W.J. McDonald
Sgt. R.V. Allen
Sgt. R.W. Pole
F/O H.J. Stapleforth
F/O L.A. Shaw
F/O L.N. Bowles
W/O R.S. Lyle
Sgt. H. Barnfield
Sgt. R. Roberts
Sgt. C.F. Moore
Sgt. K. Neville
Sgt. J. Dickson

(b) 8th November 1942 ‘Roll of Honour’

Fg Off. H.L. Lethbridge
Sgt H.P. Teale
Flg Off. A.L. Mc Ewen
Plt. Off. F.S. Snelling

Crew of Hudson A/C FH 453
233 Squadron

(c) Wellington Anti-submarine patrol 'Roll of Honour'
(February 1944)

P/O A.H. Ellis, D.F.C.
P/O. O.F. Hyndman
Sgt. J.P. Downs
P.O. P.M. McIntyre
F/S T.A. Hamilton
Sgt. T.C. Akeroyd

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