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The War Memorial of Caldbeck, Cumbria

1. The War Memorial, Caldbeck, Cumbria. 
2. St Kentigern's Parish Church & Churchyard, Caldbeck.
3. Headstone of ATS Pte. Margaret Bradley 

4. Headstone of Sapper James Pattinson, R.E. 
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Additional information

Background information about Caldbeck

The parish of Caldbeck is in the county of Cumbria (previously Cumberland). Situated as it is amongst the northern Lakeland fells, in some respects it is one of the more remote and lesser known districts of the English lake District. Yet, it is also an area known for outstanding scenery, a traditional area of fell farming and until recently a strong tradition of mineral mining.

The local churchyard is the final resting place of the legendary foxhunting huntsman John Peel (1776 - 1854) whose fame has been immortalised in the 'unofficial' Anthem for Cumbrians the world over, "D'ye ken John Peel" (i.e. "Do you know John Peel?"). In addition to being a hunting song, the tune of "D'ye ken John Peel" became adopted by the Border Regiment, the local infantry regiment traditionally recruiting men from the twin counties of Cumberland and Westmorland. The tune is still used as a 'quick march' by the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, a successor regiment to the Border Regiment.

Caldbeck churchyard is also the final resting place of Mary Harrison (nee Robinson) (1778 - 1837). A celebrated local beauty who has become known to the world as 'The Maid of Buttermere', Mary Robinson was the daughter of the landlord of the Fish Inn, Buttermere in the English Lake District. She was tricked into a bigamous marriage by an impostor, scoundrel and forger by the name of John Hatfield, Hatfield had passed himself off as an aristocrat from London. After the bigamous marriage he was found out, tried at Carlisle Crown Court, found guilty and hanged.

Mary, the beautiful 'Maid of Buttermere', became even more famous throughout the land due to the writings of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth and others. She later became a farmer's wife by marrying Caldbeck farmer Richard Harrison.

In 1987, the Cumbrian-born author and local resident Melvyn Bragg wrote a semi-fictionalised version of Mary Robinson's story ('The Maid of Buttermere'). It was later adapted fo the stage.

Caldbeck's War Memorial

Caldbeck's War Memorial can be found in the churchyard of Caldbeck Parish Church (Photograph No 1). The plan for a War Memorial for the parish was first proposed in 1920 and it was unveiled 1922. Its original purpose was to remember those from the district who lost their lives during the First World War.

The war memorial is made from the local stone, Skiddaw Slate, and is in the form of a Celtic cross. The Parish Church serving Caldbeck and district is dedicated to St Kentigern (also known as St Mungo). The church and churchyard can be seen in Photograph No 2 (above).

The names of 7 people from Caldbeck and district who died in the 1914 - 1918 war are engraved on the front of the memorial. During the Second World War (1939 - 1945) a further 2 parishioners died serving their country. After the war their names were added to the right-hand side of the memorial (Photograph No 2).

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The War Memorial inscriptions

The inscription on the front of Caldbeck's War Memorial reads as follows:

To the Glorious Dead
1914 - 1918
For whom thanks be to the Lord and to Christ.

Fred Arnison
William Albert Brown
John Tyson Dobson
William Milburn
Richard Rayson
James Strong
William Turner

The simple inscription on the right-hand side of the memorial is as follows:

1939 - 1945
Margaret Bradley
James Pattinson

Both WW2 casualties were laid to rest in the churchyard. The headstone for ATS Private Margaret Bradley can be seen in Photograph No 3. Her headstone epitaph reads as follows:

"Happy and smiling,
Always content,
Loved and respected,
Wherever she went".

The headstone of Sapper James Pattinson can be seen in Photograph No 4. It does not have an epitaph engraved on it.

CWGC citations for Caldbeck's WW1 casualties

Below are the Commonwealth War Graves Commission citations for Caldbeck's WW1 casualties:

(a) Private Fred Arnison

Rank: Private
Service No: 2773
Date of Death: 12/09/1916
Regiment/Service: Middlesex Regiment, 23rd Bn.
Grave Reference: E. 4.
Cemetery: LONGUEVAL ROAD CEMETERY, France (Somme).

Additional Information:
[Next of kin details not recorded on CWGC records]

(b) Private William Albert Brown

Rank: Private
Service No: 260674
Date of Death: 12/10/1917
Age: 20
Regiment/Service: Border Regiment, 7th Bn.
Panel Reference: Panel 85 to 86.
Memorial: TYNE COT MEMORIAL, Belgium.

Additional Information:
Son of William Brown, of Sharpe House, Caldbeck, Wigton, Cumberland, and the late Grace Kirsopp Brown.

(c) Private John Tyson Dobson

Rank: Private
Service No: 60491
Date of Death: 08/04/1918
Age: 22
Regiment/Service: Northumberland Fusiliers, 23rd (Tyneside Scottish) Bn.
Grave Reference: II. I. 16.

Additional Information:
Son of Tom and Dorothy Dobson, of The Vennal, Caldbeck, Wigton, Cumberland.

(d) Private William Milburn

Rank: Private
Service No: 1962
Date of Death: 24/05/1915
Age: 28
Regiment/Service: Northumberland Fusiliers, 4th Bn.
Grave Reference: Plot I. Row E. Grave 23.
Cemetery: HOP STORE CEMETERY, Belgium.

Additional Information:
Eldest son of Isaac and Hannah Milburn, of Church View, Caldbeck, Wigton.

(e) Private Richard Rayson

Service No: 202950
Date of Death: 29/11/1918
Regiment/Service: Border Regiment, 5th Bn.
Grave Reference: III. E. 23.
Cemetery: PREMONT BRITISH CEMETERY, France (Aisne)

Additional Information:
[Next of kin details not listed by CWGC]

(f) Private James Strong

Rank: Private
Service No: 241513
Date of Death: 18/09/1918
Age: 25
Regiment/Service: King's Own Scottish Borderers, 2nd Bn.
Grave Reference: XIII. C. 22.
Cemetery: GREVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERY, France (Pas de Calais).

Additional Information:
Son of John and Helen Isabel Strong, of High Row, Haltcliff, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton, Cumberland.

(g) Private William Turner

Rank: Private
Service No: 50738
Date of Death: 20/11/1918
Age: 20
Regiment/Service: Border Regiment, 7th Bn.
attd. Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry
Grave Reference: L. F. 4.
Cemetery: ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY, France (Pas de Calais).

Additional Information:
Son of William and Annie Turner, of Sand Hills, Bassenthwaite, Keswick, Cumberland.
Native of Caldbeck, Cumberland.

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CWGC citations for Caldbeck's WW2 casualties

Below are the Commonwealth War Graves citations for Caldbeck's WW2 casualties:

(a) ATS Private Margaret Bradley (nee Sewell)

Rank: Private
Service No: W/144534
Date of Death: 29/06/1944
Age: 22
Regiment/Service: Auxiliary Territorial Service
attd. Royal Army Service Corps
Grave Reference: Grave 1520.

Additional Information:
Daughter of William Edward and Annie Margaret Sewell, of Upton, Caldbeck;
Wife of Albert Somme Bradley.

(b) Sapper James Pattinson, R.E.

Rank: Sapper
Service No: 1892006
Date of Death: 02/03/1940
Age: 21
Regiment/Service: Royal Engineers, 255 Field Coy.
Grave Reference: Grave 1457.

Additional Information:
Son of Annie Pattinson, of Town End, Caldbeck.


This article is dedicated to the courageous men and women of Caldbeck and district who gave their lives in the two World Wars.

“To have courage for whatever comes in life - everything lies in that”.
(Teresa of Avila).


Cumbria Archive Centre, Carlisle

St Kentigern's Parish Church,

Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

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