Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Christmas 'Over the Wire'

'Over the wire'

A 1941 Christmas Card from Oflag VIB:

"But I assure you, my dear chap - I really AM Father Christmas!"

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Additional information

The photograph above is the front of a Christmas postcard sent to his family back home in Workington, Cumberland (now Cumbria) from the German prison camp Oflag VIB by Driver Moreton Wilson RASC in 1941. The date stamped on the reverse of the card is 21 November 1941. Having been passed by the German censor it perhaps demonstrates an appreciation of the wry humour POWs may have needed to get through captivity.

Moreton was generally known by most people as 'Joe', and I have to thank his relatives for recent access to his WW2 story. Having been taken prisoner at the Battle of Amiens in May 1940, Driver Moreton Wilson sadly died in the German hospital of Hindenburg on 13 May 1944. In 1948 he was finally laid to rest in the CWGC Cemetery at Krakow Rakowicke in modern-day Poland.

Unfortunately I have only been able to read through Moreton's documents after the "People's War" Project has ended. However, I have written up his story to be deposited in the local Archives of the Cumbria Records Office so that there is a record of the sacrifice of Moreton Wilson and his family in WW2.

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