Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Armed Forces Memorial Chamber, Gibraltar

1. Gibraltar Memorial Chamber: 
The Memorial for the Fallen 

2. Gibraltar Memorial Chamber: 
Royal Navy ensign (left) 
Royal Air Force ensign (right)

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Additional information

The Memorial Chamber, Gibraltar allows visitors to the Upper Rock area of Gibraltar the opportunity to honour and remember the men and women who dedicated themselves to serving the nation in the Armed Forces. The Memorial Chamber is part of the Miltary History Centre and housed in one of the Batteries formerly used in the defence of the Rock.

The original hoists of the Battery can still be seen as well as shells and other artefacts. One of the figures seen in the above photograph (No.1) is in 18th century uniform while the second one is in WW2 attire.

On entering the chamber, visitors find the following welcome:

"By entering this Chamber you are honouring all those men and women who by having committed their lives to serve their Country in the armed forces have, with their sublime sacrifice, secured peace in our days".

Dedicated to all those who served in Gibraltar and who have contributed to the peace and prosperity enjoyed by those alive today.

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